Caribou Café, is the story of a journey

Paysage canadien

The Caribou is the initiative of a couple of globe-trotters who, charmed by the landscapes and values of Canada, wanted to share their enthusiasm.

At first, however, it was a matter of chance... Arrived in Poitiers, Fabrice and his partner could not afford to redecorate the bar they had just acquired. They decided therefore to use the objects and the photos they had brought back from their Canadian travels. The enterprise was immediately crowned with success. The Caribou Café came into being, a place devoted to the culture and traditions of the Quebec region, with a decor composed entirely of personal souvenirs and indigenous objects brought back over the years.

This establishment, both authentic and atypical, was created in the image of a Sugar House.

It has now become a classic meeting place in Poitou.This welcoming establishment epitomizes the notions of sharing, discovery and open-mindedness. You fancy taking to the air? Come and experience the pleasures of good company in an innovative environment, where the ingredients are in the main imported directly from the land it sets out to honour : Canada.