Welcome to the Caribou café !

A veritable institution in Poitiers for wining and dining out, the Caribou Café is a Canadian bar-restaurant seating 120 and situated in the heart of the town, close to the market place and a stone’s throw from the Cordeliers shopping centre.

In a cosy and authentic setting, we provide specialities inspired by Canadian culture, and typical recipies from the Quebec region. To accompany your double maple syrup hamburger or your surf & turf, we offer a wide range of beers imported from Quebec (Griffon, St-Ambroise, Pisse du Caribou...), as well as other more classic beverages.
Our Poitevin “trappers’ meeting-place” is on two levels and is decorated in an original and typically Quebec style. The panelled walls are hung with snowshoes, beaver traps, photos of winter scenes and ice-hockey sticks. Welcome to our innovative Sugar House, where you will be transported into a world of good-natured conviviality !

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Open Tuesday – Saturday, 12 noon – 2 o’clock in the morning.


Le groupe Oldies but Goldies

The Caribou Café remains true to its origins, its beers being imported from Canada. Light beers, heavy beers, lagers and even maple syrup beer, there is something to suit every palate. We also offer a number of alcoholic beverages and cocktails of Quebec inspiration, as well as Belgian beers, wines and soft drinks. Do not hesitate to seek advice from our staff. Our waiters and waitresses are real connoisseurs.


Salle de restaurant du Caribou café
Salle de restaurant du Caribou café

To titillate your taste buds, the Caribou Café enhances its dishes with a sprinkling of various Quebec ingredients : cornflower, cranberry... Our cuisine is generally considered to be substantial, typical and extremely tasty. We offer a wide range of burgers, salads, cakes and specialities with a Canadian touch which will satisfy even the most exacting. Our menus are renewed regularly, thanks to the creativity of our Chef.